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Okay, there is no doubt that traveling is a beautiful and magical thing, but that sh*t’s expensive! (Or it can be, if you don’t do it right..) So why even try?.. I’m about to give you 13 good reasons why!

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Coast Of Northern Norway


1. Freedom


Traveling is one of the most freeing things that you can ever do for yourself! Believe me, your little corner of the world may not be as “satisfying” as you may think it is.


We all get so content just getting up in the morning, going to work where we spend a large portion of our day, then we go home, make dinner, maybe hang out with the family for a little, and then we go to sleep! That’s it! And then we get up the next day and do it all over again! Maybe on the weekend you go on a bike ride or something but when’s the last time that you actually felt FREE?


I’m gonna ask that again.. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THAT YOU ACTUALLY FELT FREE?? Free of anxiety. Free of worry or doubt or stress. Don’t you deserve that?.. Don’t you deserve to take a breath for once?


Nothing is more freeing that sitting on top of a mountain in Washington and staring out over the forest. Nothing is more freeing than sitting on a beach in Oregon or California or GREECE and just not giving a F*CK! When’s the last time you didn’t give a f*ck?? Even just for a day..

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2. Get Out Of Your Rut


Okay, now going back to the bullsh*t routine of wake up, work, eat, sleep… GET OUT OF IT!! Break free from that stupid rut and go do something for you!! If you are working every single day, day in and day out, just to make your house payment so that you can stay in your little rut, WHY? If you’re happy in your little rut, then fine. But if you’re reading this post, I’m gonna guess that that’s not the case…


Break that day to day cycle and go do something for YOU!



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3. Life Is Too Short Not To TRY


I don’t mean this in a bad way.. Necessarily.. But have you ever even TRIED to go somewhere new? To go see something that you’ve never seen? Or do always just come up with excuses?.. “I have to work, I can’t miss it.” “I have no one to go with me.” “I don’t know where to go.” “I don’t have the money.” BULLSH*T. You don’t have to work EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE.


YOUR LIFE. See what I did there?.. It’s YOUR LIFE! Not your boss’s! (And I’m sure he has no problem going on vacation a couple times a year because he has YOU to do all the work!)


Life is to short to spend it all behind a desk. There is way too much out there to see and no where near enough time to see it all. Why waste the time that you do have staring at a computer screen all day?.. Stop making excuses. You’re only making yourself suffer.


“The trouble is, you think you have time.”


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4. Your Job Doesn’t Define You


Why do you even have a job? To make money, right? And what is that money for? Your home, your car, food for your family, and whatever else your family’s needs are. Okay, makes sense. Is that it? “What the f*ck does this b*tch mean, is that it? Seems pretty important to me!” It absolutely is! BUT society has conditioned us to believe that those are the only things that we should place value on.


Society wants us to believe that nothing else matters. If nothing else matters then why do we feel so empty inside?.. Like something is missing?.. aren’t there other way to make money that don’t require you slaving day in and day out for a company that most likely doesn’t give two sh*ts about you??.. (The answer is yes by the way..)


We’ve all had that boss that demands some crazy elaborate project to be done on a stupid short timeline while he goes and plays golf.. What the f*ck?.. And I’m sure you’re thinking “Well maybe this project comes with a big raise or promotion..” Okay, and?.. What about your family? What about quality time with them? Your kids are growing up, are you even noticing???

YOUR JOB IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT! Holding your social status is not that important! How much you have in your bank account is not that important! What kind of car you drive is not that important! (I am by no means saying walk out on your job and become a bum.. That’s not what I’m getting at, at all.)


What I’m trying to say is “Are you happy? Is your family happy? Does your job allow opportunities for broadening your horizons?” If the answer is ‘NO’ click here.


(Rant over 🙂 )

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Gondolas Of Venice


5. Cultural Diversity


The cultural diversity that you find while traveling is one of my absolute favorite parts about it! Each section of the world is so DIFFERENT and BEAUTIFUL! It’s so exciting to see how other cultures live, eat, and celebrate!


Do you like horchata? Do you like baklava? How about samosas? Or oladi? Or haggis? Do you even know what all of these are?.. It’s different foods from around the world! They are things that you’re not going to find at the corner market.


The people that you will meet will blow your mind wide open! The cultural diversity that you will come across will introduce you to things that you never even knew you loved! What if you find out that you love New Zealand so much that you wanna live there? Or what about Italy? Or Greece? You will come across things that you never even imagined! And it just may be a part of you that you didn’t even know was missing..


You really don’t realize how small minded you can be if you just stay in your little corner of the world.. It’s amazing out there, you just have to go look.

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6. Your Mind – Use It Or Lose It


Unfortunately this reigns true for WAY too many people in the world.. Most of us don’t even think about it really but that’s the problem isn’t it? Your mind is a muscle and if you’re not flexing that muscle it WILL start to deteriorate.


It’s true what they say, you’re always learning. But how are you learning anything new if you’re doing the exact same thing everyday?.. 🙂


You would be amazed at the things you learn by simply stepping outside of your own backyard.

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7. If Not Now, Then When?


“I’m going to start traveling when I get ahead on my finances. Or when I pay off my house. Or my car.” I hear this ALL THE TIME. Later on I will see this same person, sometimes a couple of years down the road, and of course I ask them how they’re life is going. THE ANSWER IS ALMOST ALWAYS THE SAME. “Pretty good but I still haven’t been able to travel yet.” Why? “Well we have this and this and this debt now and can’t afford it.” What happened to just paying off the house? “Well we got close and then bought a bigger house.”


If it’s not this excuse, it’s a different one. I can only say one thing… IF TRAVELING IS IMPORTANT TO YOU THEN DO IT! Quit making excuses and just DO IT! If your house is too expensive, downsize! If you’re struggling with your car payment, get a less expensive car! QUIT TRYING TO COMPETE WITH EVERYONE ELSE!


If you need help saving money for a trip, try one of my savings ideas here!

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8. It’s LITERALLY Good For You!


Yes! Traveling is literally good for you! Traveling encourages relaxation. It’s good for depression and anxiety. It enables you to look at life differently. IT’S LITERALLY GOOD FOR YOU!


When’s the last time you were active? I bet you’d be in pretty good shape after hiking in Mesopotamia. Or walking around Rome. Or the Scottish Highlands..


When’s the last time you just sat back and breathed? It’s a little hard to be upset on the beach in Hawaii. Or maybe Greece? I don’t know… Just throwing out ideas.. 😉

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9. Unplug


I love this part about traveling (I love every part really…). Unplugging is something that we all neglect to do in our normal day to day lives but it’s something that is SO IMPORTANT. We are spiritual beings and that’s something that technology allows us to forget. We don’t feel connected unless we have a phone in our hands but that’s not really the case at all! (We’re much more connected than you may think.. But we’ll leave that for another time.. 😉 )

When’s the last time that you actually felt connected to nature or even fully connected to whatever it is that you’re doing?? Like actually watching your son’s soccer game, without thinking about your phone or whatever notification may be coming in. Or do you just look at life through the screen on your phone?..


Just don’t forget to set your phone down from time to time.. Traveling is a great way to do so and escape from it all for a little while.

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10. Glimpse Into What’s Important


I find that this especially reigns true when you travel solo, you find out what’s really important to you. When you walk away from everything for a little while it’s easier to notice the things/people that you miss having/being around. I find that travelling helps a lot with determining the direction that you want to take your life, especially if you feel stuck at a point.

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11. It’s FUN


Traveling is flat out f*cking FUN! Who doesn’t love blowing off work for a while and drinking a margarita on the beach?? If that doesn’t sound fun to you, you’re in the wrong place…


I don’t think that I really even need to explain this one.. It’s fun! DUH!

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12. Therapeutic


For a plethora of reasons, traveling can be very therapeutic! When you’re out discovering a new place you tend to forget about whatever troubles are ailing you at the moment and can even help you work through them!


Stepping away to be alone with your thoughts on a mountain top, or getting a massage at the hotel spa, or walking along the beach is sometimes just what you need at that point in time and can help a lot with whatever you may be going through.

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13. Self Discovery


Living in such a modern and technological world can sometimes distract us from ourselves.. And that’s not necessarily a good thing. It’s so easy to get caught up in our modern lives that we begin to lose touch with who we really are! We begin to believe that our job, our income, or whatever car we drive is what actually defines us! It’s ridiculous when you think about it! But sometimes traveling outside of our day to day lives is just what we need to get back in touch with ourselves.


Why is traveling important to you? And what have you learned from your travels? Let us know!


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