Welcome back to WhatAWanderousWorld! Okay, there is no doubt that traveling is a beautiful and magical thing, but that sh*t’s expensive! (Or it can be, if you don’t do it right..) So why even try?.. I’m about to give you 13 good reasons why! 1. Freedom Traveling is one ofContinue Reading

Hey! Welcome back to WhatAWanderousWorld! Productivity.. That eternal elusive fox that we’re all trying to chase but always seems to be just out of reach.. But that’s of our own doing.. A productive lifestyle is just that, A LIFESTYLE. It’s a choice that you have to make everyday! And mostContinue Reading

Hey and welcome back to WhatAWanderousWorld! I absolutely LOVE travelling with my dog Duke. He is literally the BEST road trip companion in the world! Plus, it’s his favorite thing to do! Wasn’t always that way though.. (I’ll save that story for another time. 😉 ) When travelling solo orContinue Reading

Hello and welcome back to WhatAWanderousWorld! This one is especially for all of you moms out there! Because as a mom, we bust ASS for our families on the daily! Therefor, finding a little peace is a must! Just because it feels like there are 50 million things to getContinue Reading

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