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Productivity.. That eternal elusive fox that we’re all trying to chase but always seems to be just out of reach.. But that’s of our own doing.. A productive lifestyle is just that, A LIFESTYLE. It’s a choice that you have to make everyday! And most of us are choosing wrong..


That’s why I’ve put together a list of simple tips to help you be more productive in your everyday life!

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Setting goals is fantastic and something that everyone should do, but when you set your goals are you giving yourself a timeline too? Are you giving yourself a due date?


Those who are productive in their everyday lives have learned that goals don’t mean sh*t if you’re not holding yourself to a timeline. How long have you been “working on” the same goal? Give yourself a due date and then see what happens!

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2. Set Limits For Themselves


Yes! If you’re really trying to be productive, you can’t sit and watch tv for 6 hours a day. You can’t sit on your phone doing NOTHING all damn day! It doesn’t work!


Productive people have learned that it’s okay to do those things, but in moderation! If you wanna watch some tv, fine, but only watch 30-60 minutes and then do something that you’ve been “meaning to do” for some time!


Setting limits also goes for the actual work aspect too! You can’t work 15 hours a day and expect to produce quality work.. It just doesn’t happen like that. Set limits for yourself and then follow through with them!

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3. Do Not Let Technology Control Their Lives


It’s very rare that you’ll find a truly productive person playing around on Facebook or Twitter. If they are on Facebook or Twitter, it’s most likely work related.


Productive people do not drop everything their doing every time there phone goes off just to see what “Bobby Joe” is saying on Facebook. They realize that their phone is a TOOL and not a lifeline.

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4. Take Strategic Breaks


Productive people realize that they’re no good to their work if their burnt out within a few hours! Burn out is a very real thing too! I don’t know very many people that can go go go without crashing HARD! But maybe you’re Superman, I don’t know.


Strategic breaks are crucial to productivity. Every so often you have got to stop and relax for a second but tastefully! A 10-20 minute break every couple of hours should do the trick! But limit yourself and don’t allow yourself to get distracted!

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Multitasking is one of the absolute WORST things that you can do for your productivity! Multitasking sounds good in theory (get more things done at one time) BUT how much quality attention are you giving to each task?? Almost none! Because subconsciously, while you’re working on one task, you’re thinking about the next steps for the other task!


It’s nearly impossible to achieve and frankly, it’s not worth the energy spent for the poor results. Just don’t multitask…

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6. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!


Productive people know that you’re not going to get very far without a full tank of gas (and we’re not talking about your car..).


In order to be at your most productive level, you have to get a full night’s sleep. Your body NEEDS that time to recharge. If you’re not fully rested you become sluggish, have trouble focusing, and your productivity just goes down the tube! That’s the opposite of what we’re trying to do here… Just get your beauty sleep!

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7. Stay Organized


How can anyone possibly get anything done when there is sh*t is scattered everywhere??.. Like seriously.. I hate looking for sh*t and it’s no where to be found! (Normally because I didn’t organize it or put it where it goes, but still…)


Life runs so much smoother when we have everything organized and in it’s place. If you’re trying to become more productive, organizing your mind and life is probably a good place to start.


If you’re finding that you have too much stuff, check out these posts for some help!

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8. Don’t Sleep In


As much as getting enough sleep is important, not sleeping in is just as important! (Know what that means?.. You have to go to bed ON TIME!) While sleeping in feels fantastic for a minute, you tend to be more sluggish throughout the day and have trouble focusing. (Similar to lack of enough sleep)


Of course it’s okay to sleep in on the weekends from time to time, but the more you sleep in, the more your internal body clock is thrown off. It’s important to keep on a steady sleep schedule so that your body has a clear picture of ‘wake time’ and ‘sleep time’.

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9. Don’t Ignore Personal Health


Those productive in their everyday lives know how important their personal health is! They know damn good and well that you’re not getting sh*t done if your not in good health!


Go to the gym, go for a run, eat right, go see the doctor from time to time, and DON’T IGNORE YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH! Whatever the f*ck you’ve got going on isn’t going to mean sh*t if you get sick and/or die. (Yeah.. We’re getting that serious!)


But I love you all, so take care of yourselves, ya filthy animals!


Do you have any tips for keeping up productivity in your everyday life? Let us know!

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