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I wanna get something straight right from the get-go, I recommend PRACTICAL gifts, as in those that can be used more than once and then tossed aside (i.e. TOYS). I recommend these gifts because of the usefulness of each and the amount of time that each gift will last. These are gifts that your teen can use well into college and adulthood. With that being said:


Shopping for Christmas is difficult enough and then throw a picky teen in the mix? Yikes! Kids can be difficult in general but especially difficult in their teen years. You may think that you found the perfect gift and then that fateful morning comes and your “perfect gift” is tossed aside like yesterday’s laundry! 🙁 


That’s why I’ve compiled a list of gifts that your teen girl will not only love but will serve them functional purposes for years to come! Check it out!


Beauty And Self Care


1. Eye Shadow Palettes


You cannot go wrong with a nice palette or two for that gorgeous and girly teen of yours! Don’t get me wrong, she is absolutely perfect the way that she is, but there is nothing wrong with giving her the proper tools to help her feel her best on those special occasions! 😉




2. Make Up Brushes


Well of course brushes! A good set of makeup brushes can give your (not so) little girl the confidence to feel like a queen! 




3. Makeup Bag


You don’t want all of that makeup to end up all over your bathroom counters right? Well give her somewhere to put it! *BTW.. I absolutely love my caboodle! After I got it, I threw all of my other makeup bags away… And I had a few!*




4. Makeup Mirror


Well she’s gotta see what she’s doing doesn’t she?? Help her see how bright she really shines with this led light up mirror!




5. Brush Cleaner


Anyone who wears makeup knows how dirty and gross those brushes can get if not properly cared for. Help her keep her brushes clean with this simple brush cleaning system!




6. Bath Bombs 


I LOVE bath bombs! They smell so good and leave your skin feeling so soft! They are the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long week. Help give her the gift of relaxation! 




For Her Room!


7. Mini Fridge


When I was a teen and especially when I started working and buying more of my own food, the one thing I hated more than anything was when I would buy something for myself and someone else would eat it! I always wanted my own mini fridge to put MY food in! (They were much more expensive then…) 




8. Salt Lamp


Salt lamps are not only insanely cute but they serve a purpose as well! Himalayan salt lamps help to purify air of infectious bacteria, reduce electromagnetic radiation, ease asthma and allergy symptoms, boost mood, and promote better sleep! So why not??




9. Moon Lamp


These 3D moon lamps are the perfect gift for anyone on your list this year! They add a warm and mystical glow to any room that everyone will enjoy!




10. Essential Oil Diffuser


I LOVE essential oils because their uses are ENDLESS. I have an essential oil diffuser in just about every room in my house! They make the room smell great and when used with the right oils can help with sleep, mood, or even when you’re sick!





11. String Light Picture Clips


Give her a super cute and awesome way to display all of her pictures with some gorgeous twinkle lights!




12. Tapestries


Tapestries add fun, decor, and personality to a room with out destroying walls! Let her express herself with these gorgeous images!






13. Record Player


Yes, you read that right! Records are making a come back and what better way to bring the family a little closer together than to break out that old record collection and bring together the old and the new!?




14. Mermaid Tail Blanket


These mermaid tail blankets are so cute and so comfy that any girl would be happy to receive one! Each of my girls have one and I even got one for myself! 😉




15. Jewelry Organizer


I’m sure that by now your teen is at least beginning to accumulate a collection of jewelry, so why not give her a cute and functional way to organize it? Two birds with one stone! 






16. Fuzzy Rug


There is nothing like waking up first thing in the morning and stepping your bare feet down onto one of these glorious fuzzy rugs! They are so soft and comfortable! Not to mention how adorable they are!




17. Storage Bench


Storage benches are the perfect way to add storage, sitting room, and class to any room! 




18. Desk


Now a desk may not be at the top of your daughter’s wish list but this is one of those gifts that really comes in handy down the road. Give her a comfortable space to get her school work done and a good piece of furniture that she can take with her later on! 





19. Desk Chair


If you’re considering getting her a desk then she’s gonna need a chair to go with it! Or maybe she already has a desk and it’s time for a new chair! These desk chairs are insanely cute and will last her for years to come!





Tech And Gadgets


20. Bluetooth Speaker


These bluetooth speakers connect easily to any smart phone, iPod, or any other device with bluetooth connectivity for hours of tunes! 





21. Wireless Headphones


Now you cannot go wrong with a nice pair of bluetooth headphones especially for that athletic teen in your family! However, wireless headphone can get quite spendy.. Beats for instance, you’re not gonna find a pair of headphone with better sound or a larger price tag! 







22. Laptop


Especially if you have a teenager about to go into college, a laptop would be the ultimate gift to help them along their way! 





23. Portable Charger


Portable chargers come in handy like no other! And I can guarantee that if your teen doesn’t already have one, this would be a life saver! 




24. Instant Print Camera


Yup! We’re bringing back Polaroids! Well this is technically a Fuji-film but you get the idea none the less! These instant print cameras are awesome and quite nostalgic! 🙂




25. Portable Photo Printer


These portable picture printers are so cool because they connect directly to your phone to print any pictures from there! Small enough to fit in your pocket, these are a must have this holiday season! 





26. Mini Projector


These mini projectors are perfect for movie nights, sleep overs, or even parties! They connect directly to any phone, laptop, or movie player for that full theater experience! 




27. Smart Watch


Smart watches, in my opinion, are one of the most useful tools on the market today. I absolutely love my smart watch and all of the things that it’s capable of doing. They can be used for tracking fitness, sending and receiving messages or calls, and some even come equipped with cameras! You can track your sleep, monitor heart rate, and even track caloric intake and burning! 





28. Flash Drive


Students especially always need a flash drive! This is one thing the she would most likely use quite frequently so why not give her a super cute one??





Personal And Productivity Tools


29. Adult Coloring Books


Adult coloring books bring the love of coloring back to those who may have “outgrown” conventional coloring pages! The pictures are in much greater detail and require a more detailed eye to complete making them fantastic for stress relief! 








30. Personal Planner


These planners are insanely cute and super customizable! Having everything planned out can relieve a lot of day to day stress. Help give her the tools to manage her time wisely and plan out her day to day tasks! 




31. Journal


Especially for teens who struggle with depression and anxiety, journals are a God sent! Journals provide a way to release deep feelings in a controlled environment. 





32. Weighted Blanket


Now I put the weighted blanket in the personal and productivity category because while this blanket is insanely comfortable and cute that is not it’s primary function. This blanket is meant to help calm anxiety attacks, ADHD, and even autism! The weight of the blanket causes the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain which is what gives you that deep relaxing feeling. 




33. Rich Dad Poor Dad


I don’t know if this is something that your teen may actually want per say, but I believe that it’s something that they need. In my opinion, this book is a must read for EVERYONE! I believe that everyone should know the proper way to handle their finances and I believe that this book is a wonderful teaching tool to begin to mold your financial thinking in the correct way. In their teen years is the PERFECT time to make sure that your kids understand the way the money actually works in order to set them up for success for a lifetime!




Useful Accessories And Extras!


34. Laptop Case


If your teen already has a laptop or if you’re getting them one for Christmas, a laptop case is never a bad idea! If they have somewhere safe to put it (IN A CASE) the chances of  damage are drastically minimized. I’m a firm believer that all portable electronics should have a case of some kind. 





35. Purses!


Yes purses! I went there! Picking out a purse for someone else can be super tricky because with purses she is either going to love it or not… There isn’t really a whole lot of in between there.. So, if you’re not sure if you know what she would like, best to skip this one. Otherwise, here are a few of my favs to get you started! 






36. Beanies


These beanies are so cute and so popular right now that any teenage girl is bound to love them!





37. Travel Mugs And Cups


Who doesn’t love a good travel mug?? Give that girl a cute new cup to get her coffee on with! Maybe fill it with some smaller items like nail polish, a gift card, or some comfy socks! 🙂





38. Cards Against Humanity


I recommend this game WITH CAUTION! I absolutely love this game but I also have a horrible sense of humor! This game is essentially the raunchy adult version of Apples to Apples.. It’s the perfect party game but it can get to be a bit much for some people.. This game is rated 17+.




39. Jewelry


Of course a little bit of jewelry is never a bad idea! One of my most treasured possessions is a necklace and ring that my grandpa got me when I was 16. However, I am a firm believer that diamonds are overrated so don’t waste your money on a pretty rock.. Sterling silver, crystals, and other gems get the job done just as well. Give her a gorgeous piece that she can treasure for years to come! These are a few of my favorite pieces that your teen is bound to love!








40. Comfy Lounge Clothes


A comfy pair of pajamas to be opened on Christmas Eve has always been a tradition in my family. My grandpa would always get everyone a pair of pajamas, we would open them on Christmas Eve, and all gather in the living room to watch Christmas movies until we got too tired to stay up and wait for Santa! 😉 






Travel Tools!


41. Scratch Off Map


If you have a teen that is foaming at the mouth to go and travel the world (like I was), then this is a sure fire home run! This kind of gift shows her that you value her goals and is also a great tool to help encourage your teen to chase her travel dreams! Simply scratch off the destinations traveled to and see if you can’t clear the whole map! 




42. Cork Globe 


Similar to the scratch off destination poster, the cork globe is a cool way of tracking your travel destinations! This globe is bound to be a hit with any avid traveler!


43. Luggage


Again, if your teen desperately wants to travel some day, why not start giving her some of the tools that she is going to need, now?  She’s definitely gonna need a suitcase! Giving your travel fiend these kind of gifts keeps the fire burning and gives her hope and encouragement that she CAN do it and that you are behind her! Plus these suitcases are stupid awesome! 🙂






44. Back Pack


If she’s traveling, she’s gonna need a back pack right? Carry on, laptop case, or a more secure carry around bag; backpacks are a traveler’s best friend!






45. Compass


Any travel enthusiast is bound to drool over a keepsake like this! These gorgeous brass compasses are not only a sentimental gift from you to encourage their dreams but their also a VERY MUCH NEEDED tool for travelers planning on hiking, camping, or backpacking!





46. Coordinates Bracelet


The coordinates bracelet can be approached in a couple of different ways; it can be a keep sake with the coordinates of any travel destination or my favorite would be your home coordinates! As a gift for the travel fiend teen, a coordinates bracelet would be the perfect reminder of home. 🙂 




47. Luggage Tags 


When traveling; airports, taxis, hotels, or anywhere else that you would have your luggage with you, are inevitable. At some point, luggage is bound to be left behind even if only for a moment and having luggage tagged helps be sure that your luggage is returned to you much faster and easier. 




For the last 3, I recommend only getting for those over the age of 18 for minor laws purposes. Most cannot be used by anyone under the age of 18.


48. Tinggly Box


Okay, if you haven’t heard about these Tinggly boxes yet, let me drop some knowledge on you! Tinggly is a company that has scoured the globe for THE most memorable and awe-inspiring experiences on earth and they have found them! Now, you can purchase these Tinggly boxes for anyone and send them on the experience of a lifetime!





49. Airline Vouchers


Well yeah?.. Travelers wanna travel and airlines help you do that!

I always fly Southwest if I can help it. I’ve flown with a  few different American airline companies and none of them compare to the way Southwest takes care of their passengers. Southwest Airlines is out to make traveling easier with lower fares, no baggage fees, and awesome customer service. Even when I’ve had delayed or canceled flights, or even when we had to be deboarded before takeoff because of issues with the plane, Southwest took such good care of us that I have zero complaints about them! I will continue to fly with them again and again! 




50. Hotel Vouchers 


If they’re gonna travel, they’re gonna need somewhere to sleep!



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