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Christmas is coming!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! As amazing and magical as Christmas is, Christmas shopping can be a whole nother story… It can be hard! That’s why I’ve put together a list of gifts that your daughter is sure to love!


Okay, I wanna get something straight from the beginning, THIS IS NOT A TOY LIST! I do not believe in wasting money on TOYS that serve NO PURPOSE other than my child wants it… Thanks but no. This is a list of practical gift items that either teach something, encourage physical activity, bring comfort and joy, or spark imagination.



1. Mermaid Tail Blanket


Both of my girls have a mermaid tail similar to this one and they LOVE them! These mermaid blanket are perfect for curling up to watch a movie, read a book, or just hang out with the family!




2. Play Tent 


What child doesn’t love a tent?? These super cute tents are easy to assemble and take down to save space. Let her imagination run wild!





3. Night Light 


All kids are afraid of the dark at some point. This night light not only provides a little light to fend off those monsters hiding in the dark but it also projects a beautiful light show all over the walls and ceiling! Plus, it contains a built in timer so that the light can be shut off after an allotted period of time. 




4. Seat Pet


Seat pets make riding in the car a little easier and more fun for your child. These adorable little stuffed animals attach directly to the seat belt to keep it from rubbing on children’s necks and to give them something soft to lay on! Super cute and useful too! 





5. Sleeping Bag


This adorable unicorn sleeping bag is perfect for curling up to watch a movie! They so soft and cuddly that your daughter is bound to love it! They also make the perfect bedding for sleep overs or camping! 




6. Butterfly Wings


Let her imagination soar with some butterfly wings! These butterfly wings are much larger than the traditional wire ones and have sleeve attachments so that she can flap and soar to her heart’s content!





7. Trampoline 


Sizes vary depending on child’s age and capability. Trampolines are always a great way to exercise and so much fun too! My kids are out on their trampoline every single day! (Keeps the inside of the house quieter too 😉 )






8. Tutu Skirts


Tutu skirts! Oh my youngest LOVES her tutus! They are perfect for dress up or just an everyday clothing item! They are always enough to make any girl feel like a princess. 




9. Toy Chest


Fact: Kids need somewhere to put their toys. These super cute and customizable toy chests do just that! Plus they provide a bench space on top!




10. Piggy Bank


Kids need to learn how to save money as early as possible in life and a piggy bank is the best place to start. The physical “feeding the pig” aspect of putting money into an object to tuck it away and save it for later is a crucial part of getting that point of saving money across to a young child. Why not give a piggy bank that she is going to love and cherish?




11. Smart Watch 


While kids are ga-ga over electronics this one is more for the parents than for the kids. I recommend a smart watch for GPS purposes. Yes, they have games and are going to be great entertainment for her but let’s face it, kids get lost. Kids run off or even just wander off and before you know it, they’re no where in sight. It’s the most gut wrenching feeling in the world! This watch can make situations like that a little bit easier.  




  12. Water Bottles


Everybody needs a water bottle at some point, especially kids! Drinking water is super important! Give her one that she can be excited about! 





13. Easel


Fuel her creativity with an artist’s easel! These can be used for learning, drawing, painting, doodles, and much more! 





14. Jewelry Box


More likely than not, your daughter is going to become interested in jewelry at some point if she isn’t already. Give her the proper tools to be able to care for and store her jewelry in the right way, now! Plus, jewelry boxes are the perfect childhood keep sake to last for years to come! 





15. Purse


Well of course purses! What little girl doesn’t love purses?? 





16. Cute Rug!


I love these rugs because they are amazing for a little girl’s room decor but they also double as a play mat! 




17. Tea Set


Yes that is porcelain. And yes I still recommend these tea sets. Tea parties are, in my opinion, an important part of a girl’s childhood! I mean, who didn’t have tea parties when they were little? Plus, these sets are a great teaching tool about taking care of your belongings (if you don’t, they break!). Each set comes with a carrying case for easy storage. 





18. Scooter


Scooters are a great and easy way for younger kids to get out and get active and have something to ride! I’m sure you’ve had that complaint.. “I don’t have anything to ride!” Well this scooter comes fully loaded with light up wheels AND an additional seat attachment! 


19. Tablet


I don’t in anyway shape or form recommend a tablet as a way to get your child out of your hair.. I recommend a tablet as a TEACHING TOOL! As in this tablet in particular comes with access to hundreds of educational games! Very much worth the investment. 




20. Bean Bag Chair 


These bean bag chairs are awesome because they double as storage for stuffed animals! Instead of being filled with the traditional messy “beans”, your child simply stuffs any stuffed animals that they have lying around inside the bean bag chair sleeve and VOILA! Instant clean room and comfy chair too! 




21. Apron


I believe that teaching kids how to cook while they’re young is extremely important, plus the bonding time had while cooking together is irreplaceable! And you gotta have a cute apron while cooking right??





22. Bike 


Of course a bike! It’s the most traditional and cliche Christmas gift that there is! Every kid loves learning how to ride a bike and all of the fun that follows!





23. Helmet


If they’re gonna be riding a bike, we had better make sure that they’re safe right?? 



24. Karaoke Machine


Bring out her inner super star with a karaoke machine! Who didn’t have one of these growing up?? Guaranteed to bring endless fun! 





25. Dress Up Clothes


Every princess needs a fancy wardrobe! Make her feel like royalty and let her imagination run wild with these super cute princess dress up clothes! 





26. Doll House


Every girl needs a doll house! Watch her eye light up when she sees this multilevel and fully furnished dream doll house!  




27. Suit Case


Your family is bound to need luggage at some point so why not make it something that she can get excited about? These can be used for sleep overs or family vacations and everything in between! 






28. Rain Set


To this day, one of my favorite things in the world is rain! I always loved getting dressed up in my rain coat and boots as a kid and running outside to jump in puddles! 





29. Legos 


LEGOS are one of those things that are absolutely fantastic for kids! They allow kids to build an create using their imagination! 





30. Guitar


In my opinion, guitars are a great introduction to the world of music while teaching kids to properly care for instruments. 




31. Fun Pillows


Who doesn’t love a fun and comfy pillow to cuddle up with? I know I do! My girls do too! 






32. Worry Eater


These worry eaters are amazing! Who ever thought of these is a genius. The concept is simple, when your child has something that they’re worried about, scared of, etc. they write it down on a small piece of paper and feed it to the worry eater! Then the worry eater “takes care” of their worries! These are great for kids with anxiety. 





33. Sports Gear


I am all about sports and involving my children in sports! There a plethora of reasons that kids should be involved in sports; it promotes physical activity, builds lasting friendships, teaches dedication and the rewards thereof, etc. Give her something to kick start that athlete inside of her! 






34. Fuzzy Lounge Set


Especially in the winter time and around Christmas, I am all about comfy fuzzy clothes! Nothing compares to curling up in some fuzzy pjs and socks to watch a movie and drink hot cocoa. It’s become a bit of a bonding thing with my girls and we love every minute of it. 






35. Spa / Sleeping Mask 


Every princess needs her beauty sleep! 




36. Play Kitchen


Play kitchen! Of course! Every kid loves these and they promote creativity and imagination! 




37. Bath Robe


This is one of those practical gifts to make the everyday a little easier and more fun. She’ll love prancing around in one of these super soft unicorn bath robes! 




38. Slippers 


Everybody needs some comfy slippers to keep their toes warm at home! 





39. Hanging Pod 


These hanging pods are one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while! I’m all about the outdoors and these pods can be used indoors and out! They hang from a tree branch, wooden post, or from the studs in your ceiling! So fun and so comfy! 




40. Telescope 


One of my fondest memories is that of my grandpa and I outside with the telescope that he got me, trying to figure the thing out! Telescopes have gotten much better and much easier since then! 🙂 I love the night sky and watching the stars together has become a family event loved by my whole family! 





41. Roller Skates 


Roller skating was a huge part of my childhood and is now a big part of my daughter’s. We recently got her these skates for her birthday and now we can’t keep her off of them! The wheels are interchangeable so she can ride of traditional skates or inline. The size is also adjustable so she can use them for years to come! 




42. Bath Bomb Kit 


Bath bombs! They are so much fun to use and even more fun to make! 




43. Headphones 


Headphones are always a good thing to have especially for those who take road trips often. The last thing you wanna listen to the whole car ride is video game music… Headphone also allow her to slip into her own little world for a little bit. 





44. Diary 


I believe that all kids should have a safe place to confide their hopes, dreams, fears, and so on. Diaries are a fantastic way to achieve that! They can safely talk about their feelings, judgement free, plus it helps them work on reading and writing skills!




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      Thank you so much! Both of my girls LOVE their mermaid blanket, I’m sure your daughter will love hers just as much!

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      They’re fantastic! It’s my kids’ favorite outdoor activity!

  1. These are great ideas. My daughter is two and she would love the tutu skirts

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